At OccuMed our goal has always been to provide excellence in the delivery of occupational medicine services. Our commitment to excellence-in-care is based on the belief that our customers — the employer, the employee and the payer — deserve and should be provided value in the form of quality for the services they seek.


OccuMed understands that communication is vital in ensuring a safe and quick return to the workplace. You will always receive an immediate phone from either our Doctor or Nurse with an update on all new injuries.

Wait Times

We understand the importance and value of time regarding your employees. In most cases, whether it be for a pre-employment drug screen or an injury your employee will not have to wait longer than 10 minutes.

Work Comp / Wellness Focused

OccuMed's primary focus is the workforce of the community. In fact OccuMed is the only clinic in the area that has not completely opened our doors to the general public for cold, flus, sniffles and sneezes. While we are making changes to our business we still remained focused on the need of you the employer and your employees.